Counting ribs in the night
little notches from silly fights
the framework for things said in spite
we face our walls to sleep at night

Too scared to say what’s on my mind
the way you make up things to find
my inner sinner, you speculate,
you’re a saint to tolerate

my inferiority like a bitten lip,
holding me down between sips
when you say you love who I am
you’re full of shit, a martyred man

Kiss me on the surface, bleeding
your teeth always out, feeding
I wear the skin you weave for me
stretched thin against the knees

tethered to you by my neck
you nestle in this little wreck
uprooting all the things I know,
I’m the champion of letting go.



I sit awake at night

and weigh the pills

against any inclination to sleep,


I am two half circles of darkness

encasing fatigued seas,

I am a leper to dreamland,

a short circuit that feeds

a waking fear from

any sliver of sound,

imaginary feet on the ground.

I close my eyes

to raindrops that used to feel safe

when tapping on the window pane

and I fear the intruder

the ghost that lives inside of me.

You’re waking as I put my head down,

turn away from the blood vessels that

split the sky

miss the spilling from my eyes

laugh off the memory lapse

can’t think of where I was at

can’t think


was I at?