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When I was young, I would pull my hair out until I had bald spots. It helped me feel in control when I was anxious during the day, but most aggressively it happened when I couldn’t sleep. I knew it wasn’t good, but I couldn’t stop.

She was willing to come with me to see the hairdresser in order to lie about what was going on. Usually, something to do with trying to get sand out of my hair from the beach and pulling too hard.

She spoke to me about it once, to capitalize on my shame and feign ignorance as to why it was happening. The rest of her words were for everyone else, to pacify their concern.

I wasn’t able to stop until I was an adult and moved away.


3 responses to “Stories From Growing Up: Patchy Relationship”

  1. Sisnextdoor Avatar

    Been in a similar situation…. Anytime I got really anxious or stressed i would bite my tongue till I need.. that really hurt back then… Thankfully I don’t do that anymore

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    1. A.E Avatar

      It can feel isolating to go through this alone, so I really appreciate your willingness to share with me! Even in moving on, it never ceases to amaze me how many different ways we try to cope during hardship. Glad to hear you were able to overcome 🙂


      1. Sisnextdoor Avatar

        I am glad I did😇


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